Jays win longest opener ever

The Jays won the longest season opener 7-4 in 16 innings the longest previously had been 15 innings.  Ricky Romero started opening game for the Jays and pitched five innings giving up four runs on three hits, and three walks.  Ricky also struck out four.  The Jays bullpen then held the Indians scoreless for the next 11 innings.  Yunel Escobar went 2-8 with two strikeouts.  Escobar’s big hit was his first when he singled for the Jays to lead off that inning to help get them to tie the game up in the ninth. Jose Bautista went 3-4 with a two walks and a sacrifice fly. Jose had two singles and a home runs.  He had two RBI’s.  Colby Rasmus went 0-7 with one strikeout.  J.P. Arencibia went 1-7 with the home run to win it and he had three RBI’s.

up next

The Jays have an off day tomorrow which is good because they used up all of their bullpen tonight and then they finish the series.



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