Jays win game three

The Jays bats came alive in the series finally and they won 9-2.  Kyle Drabek started the game and pitched 7.1 innings giving up two runs only one was earned.  Drabek struck out six while only walking one.  Yunel Escobar went 3-5 with two RBI’s.  Escobar had a double as one of his hits.  Brett Lawrie went 2-4 with a Homerun and three RBI’s.  Jeff Mathis went 2-3 with an RBI and a double.  Edwin Encarnacion went 2-4 with a Homerun and a double.  Edwin had two RBI’s.  Kelly Johnson went 1-5 with a double and a RBI.  Johnson struck out three times though.

Up Next

The Jays play a three game series against the Rays.




  1. Ariel

    this a few weeks ago on the FAN, but it was something to the efceft of creating an assembly line at the positions. With the Arencibia/d’Arnaud dilemma, if it all pans out I think J.P. eventually moves to 1B or DH to give Travis the time behind the plate. There seems to be a bit of a log jam at the CF position, so they might end up having to deal Gose or Marisnick (or move one of them to the corner outfield positions). Damaso, I know expectations are even higher for 2012 than they were for 2011, but it will absolutely take a lot of things to go right for them to have a better record this coming season.Anon, again it’s all about timing. AA has to decide when the time is right to sell high on his players and prospects. The Wallace/Gose trade was a perfect example of this. Not that this trade was a “win” by the Blue Jays, but at the time it was a real head scratcher. Alex decided it was time to jump ship with Wallace, and hopefully it will pay off with Gose in the future.Damaso, Theo is a smart guy and won’t be asking for anything less than the farm for Garza. That’s why I can’t justify giving up all those prospects for him. I’d rather give the ball to Henderson Alvarez or Kyle Drabek every five games and not have to worry about giving up all that talent.

  2. Mshahul

    Jeez. “Wasting” talent hasn’t steppod this team before. It should be noted that “We” wasted elite talents of Roy Halladay from 02 to 09 by fielding mediocre if not crappy (especially the 09) teams.”We” aren’t 1 or 2 elite pieces away. More like 3 or 4. The jump from 85 wins to 95 is a lot tougher to make (ie: I’m guessing the relationship between team wins and player WAR isn’t linear but more like exponential.)I’m saying this talk is premature.First of all Lawrie played 2 months. Alvarez made 10 starts. JPA was a rookie. I want these guys to succeed, but we have to be realistic that we might see some regression. So “we” have to wait and see how they and others play out in a full season.Second of all, the cost of obtaining a Fielder type is going to affect down the line. If the Jays pay for a Boras type contract at Boras’ terms for an aging 25m/year 1B then there might not be any money to resign Romero, Morrow, Lawrie, etc. If Lawrie pans out like everyone things he will I think there will be a near riot if he walks in FA because the Jays can’t afford him. As we’ve seen with teams like the BoSox and even the Yankees, there are limits to big market teams, too. Third, the new CBA has pretty much hamstrung smart GMs like AA from accumulating draft picks like he did which means the farm system can not recover easily or cheaply from a farm demolishing trade for Felix or Garza.Fourth, the Jays under Ash and JP did similar moves. Trades cost the Jays one Michael Young and nearly Roy Halladay. The Jays had an AS 1B named Carlos Delgado who had a Prince Fielder type salary relative to the era and the team. Those teams were mediocre at best. Had no decent pitching outside of Roy–could have if the prospects panned out here. Traded guys like Shawn Green because they couldn’t afford him.Finally, it’s only been 2 years since AA took over. The Jays have some very nice pieces on the farm.I think this talk of “going all in” is way premature. If you want to see what a team looks like when it “goes all in” prematurely hwhiigle delusional? All we have to do is look at the sage of the Baltimore Orioles.

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