Jays lose to Rays

The Jays lost the series finally 9-4.  Henderson Alverez started for the Jays and pitched 6.1 innings giving up six innings.  J.P. Arencibia went 2-4 with a RBI.  Adam Lind, Arencibia and Edwin Encarnacion each hit a double.


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  1. Steve

    Bob Elliot isn’t a highliy reradged reporter, but this reminds me of the Phillies discussing offering Ryan Howard for Albert Pujols. Every team talks about every player. I’ve got to think D’Arnaud is untouchable except in the right deal, and the right deal is probably Cole Hamels for D’ARnaud +. Do the Phillies do that deal? If the other prospect is Lawrie maybe, but only if Cole makes it clear he won’t resign, which doesn’t seem to be the case.There’s no prospect we have left that equals D’Arnaud. Domonic Brown maybe, but his stock is, rumored, to have fallen around the league. I still think the world of him as a prospect but I would trade him. Good outfielders are easier to come by than a guy who can be your catcher for 10 years.At this point, it’s all speculation and I agree with others as well as Phuture Phillies, that its fun to talk about. I’d be thrilled if they could reacquire Travis but I don’t think it’s likely, especially as the Blue Jays don’t view JP Arencibia as an every day catcher long term.I don’t see any of the guys in the Roy Halladay deal getting traded for anything other than legit MLB talent.

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